IMAGE About Us
Friday, 20 September 2013
The Museum began as a Model Building Club by Lt. Cmdr. Gaylord T.M. Kelshall (Ret) in 1986. In 1990 he requested land in Chaguaramas from the... Read More...
IMAGE 1990 Medals Ceremony
Wednesday, 18 September 2013
The museum raised funds and had medals minted for the officers who defended  democracy and freedom of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago during... Read More...
IMAGE Gaylord Kelshall
Friday, 20 September 2013
Gaylord Kelshall was born in San Fernando in 1940 and attended St. Peters College in Point a Pierre. His first job was as an Operations Officer with... Read More...
IMAGE Medals
Wednesday, 18 September 2013
This display contains  WW2 badges taken from captured German soldiers. Read More...
IMAGE First Air Cavalry
Friday, 20 September 2013
 This is the story of a small band of men who performed during the 1990 attempted coup, which itself needs to be recognised for what it was. In July... Read More...
2013- Hon Timothy Hamel Smith
Tuesday, 05 November 2013
Feature address by the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Senate Hon. Timothy Hamel Smith on 15 October 2013   Read More...
IMAGE 2010 - Sqdn. Ldr. Ulric Cross
Friday, 15 November 2013
Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Justice Ulric Cross relates his World War 2 experiences as a member of the 139 Pathfinder Squadron of RAF Bomber... Read More...
Schedule of Events
Monday, 12 May 2014
World War 1 Schedule of Events Date Event Venue 4-5 August 2014 W.W.1 Symposium Chaguaramas Military Museum             Read More...

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