The Museum began as a Model Building Club by Lt. Cmdr. Gaylord T.M. Kelshall (Ret) in 1986. In 1990 he requested land in Chaguaramas from the Government to develop a Military History Museum. On the 7 th December 1991, the foundation stone was laid on 900 sq feet of land, and the Museum was opened on October 8 th 1992.

The Museum is a registered educational charity that has been developed as a private venture to highlight five hundred (500) years of Trinidad’s History – spanning from the Amerindians to Space Exploration, with emphasis on the role played by our nationals and the great events that have shaped our country.
Sword Display
The Museum has one of the largest collections of swords in the world. The collection features swords from Japan, India, Europe and the Middle East.
Motorised Display
The motorised display features many different types of vehicles used mainly in World War 2. All the vehicles have been restored to original condition by the museum's restoration staff.
This institution has been developed by a Society of Members to be the largest, most comprehensive museum in the English speaking Caribbean.

The indoor display area has grown from 900 sq. feet to 12,000 sq. feet. The facility covers approximately three acres which includes the only Tristar aircraft on display off an airport. The institutes is rapidly outgrowing the original space and we plan to expand the acreage in the near future.

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