British Colonial Trinidad

In 1797 the British fleet, under Admiral Harvey arrives and challenges the Spanish fleet under Admiral Apodoca. Facing heavy and fierce fire from the British, the Spaniards decide to burn their fleet to prevent them from falling in the hands of the enemy.

General Abercromby lands an invasion force and quickly manages to capture Port of Spain. The Spanish Governor-General of the island at the time, Chacon surrenders the island the island at Valsayn. During that same year Col. Thomas Picton was appointed as the new governor of Trinidad by Sir Ralph Abercromby.

The Royal Trinidad Rangers are formed by Picton to be his offensive strike force. He outfitted former freed slaves as well as the sloop ‘Barbara’ which was armed and brought into service, manned by local men. The Rangers were able to quell a revolt in the southern part of the island when a few of them on the landing barge ‘Regulator’ supported the Barbara as well as other ships against the Republicans at Guiria. They also mount a second assault against Guiria covered by RN Sloops as well as Barbara. The Regulator is severely damaged and sinks on the return voyage.

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