In 1498 Christopher Columbus arrived in Trinidad on his Third Voyage to the New World with his ships the Santa Maria del Gia, the El Correro and the La Vaguinas. During 1533 Sedeno built his Cumucurapo fort, named after the Amerindians of the area. The battle of Cumucurapo was held in September of that same year and 127 Spaniards and 6000 Amerindians lost their lives before the Spanish claimed victory.

Between 1533 and 1592 many freeboaters, conquistadors and slavers ravaged Trinidad. During 1592 San Jose de Oruna (St. Joseph) was established as Trinidad’s first capital, established by Antonio de Vera for Antonio de Berrio. Puerto de Hispanioles (Port of Spain) was established in September 1595 before it was sacked by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Antonio de Vera marched and re-claimed the city, re-installing the city’s original name. The Spanish History was between 1498-1797.


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